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Counseling For A Cause

Expert mental health support and community impact. Our licensed therapists offer compassionate care while giving back to Tupelo

"He heals the wounds of every shattered heart." ~ Psalm 147:3

Welcome Charlie!!!

Introducing the newest member of Counseling For a Cause, Charlie. Charlie is a Bernese/poodle mix and is a well trained therapy dog. Come make your next appointment and let Charlie help you through your next therapy session!

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Counseling Services We Offer

Childrens Therapy in Tupelo, MS

Children's Play Therapy

We offer a safe and confidential environment created for children using play therapy which allows a child to use their expressive language to explore life's events that may have had an effect on current issues at the pace of the child.

Adolescent Therapy in Tupelo, MS

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescents can struggle at times with behavior, emotions, and communication. At Counseling For A Cause, our therapists are trained in different forms of psychotherapy that specializing in helping adolescent with behavior, communication, while encompassing their emotions as well. Family therapy is also highly encouraged while working with adolescents.

Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling in Tupelo, MS

Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

Counseling For A Cause, LLC offers counseling for couples, marriages, or families that may be struggling with a variety of issues using the heart centered approach to therapy.

Geriatric Care in Tupelo, MS

Geriatric Care

Having loved ones approach retirement or dependent living can be hard on families. Counseling For A Cause, LLC offers that extra support to help families assist in making major life decisions with the ones we love the most.

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Why Choose Us

Our focus is to strive and help heal children, adolescent, individual, and families using the very best care focused using the heart-centered approach.

Counseling For A Cause, LLC provides a heart-centered approach to therapy which enables clients with the resources to heal themselves and grow both personally and spiritually. Our therapists are specialized in play therapy for children, trauma therapy for children, adolescent, and individuals, psycho-spiritual developmental, holistic healing, geriatric care, marriage/family counseling, mind/body healing, and many other areas of care.

About Us

Professional Counselors

Our counselors are professional counselors, so you can trust the guidance and methods we use to help you or your loved ones well-being.

Counseling Hours

We are open Monday - Thursday 8:30AM - 5:30PM and Fridays 8:30AM - 12:30PM.

Who We Serve

Located in Tupelo, MS we serve individuals and families located in the North Mississippi areas

Heart-Centered Approach

We offer a heart-centered, spiritual approach to therapy.